Hit the Road Safely with Zubie

Zubie Key

Drive safely with Zubie

Get Laundry Help with the #WhirlpoolWashSquad App

whirlpool washsquad

My kids were taught how to do the laundry when they turned 8 years old.

See Much More with VSP Vision Care

Keep Your Eyes Young with VSP Vision Care

Studies show that 80% of what we learn comes in through our eyes. Any vision difficulties can hinder how we, and our children learn and grow.

Who Should Our Daughters be Listening To?

Moriah Peters-Night of Joy

Friday, I had the honor of meeting and enjoying lunch with a young, talented, passionate female musician that I think our daughters should be listening to, Moriah Peters.

Flying Out of the Nest

Smiling through my tears

Today, my baby, my 18 yo son, Jordan headed out on the adventure of a lifetime.

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