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I have told you before that I love playing games. I love board games, card games, computer games and video games. I often use games as a reward to myself for accomplishing a project or chore that I particularly dislike doing. Occasionally I get asked to review games-and that is usually a lot of fun. Today I’m going to tell you about Midnight Castle which is available worldwide today on Big Fish Games.
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About Midnight Castle

Midnight Castle is a beautiful hidden object adventure, where players need to find hidden objects that will help them on their quest through a magical estate to learn the fate of a deceased uncle. During your quests, you will need to gain the trust of the occupants of Midnight Castle and earn gold along the way, which you do by successfully completing each quest. Use your in-game gold to unlock additional game scenes or areas of interest.

Keep in mind, not all quest items can be found, some must be made. Use the castle laboratory to craft smaller items into the more powerful artifacts you seek. In addition, you will encounter whimsical enchanted beasts during your journey that will become your pets and aid you in finding needed items. The objective of all these quest is to collect keys you will need to gain access to the castle’s Mystery Chamber, where you will learn the truth behind your Uncle’s demise.

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MomMaven’s Thoughts

Normally I would never play a game that is this dark in its tone. Maybe it is my naïveté, but even by the description I didn’t think it would be so dark. In all honesty, I found this game rather boring. The quests either send you to find a hidden object or to the laboratory to make an object. Before you can make an object you have to find the hidden objects required in the recipe to make the needed object. So it boils down to this being a hidden object game.

I like hidden object games-just not this one. In Midnight Castle each time you go to a place, like the well to find hidden objects, you are always looking for the same objects ie. bell, scroll, glasses, pinecone, etc and they are often in the same place as last time you looked for them. At regular intervals the hidden object locations upgrade but all that does is add a few more objects to find or move them around a bit. I finish most locations in 30-40 seconds.

So, you find your item, bring it to the character who asked for it and they send you out to find something else. IF that something else is also at the well you need to wait 9 1/2 minutes to re-enter the well! I would guess that one-third of my accrued game playing time was spent waiting for a location to allow me to re-enter! This is a huge waste of time, especially since I will often reward myself with 15 minutes of playing time between projects.

Personally, I know there are much better games available on Big Fish, I own several of them. Midnight Castle will be a waste of your money and your time, both of which are better spent on something else.

Disclosure: I received a code to download this game for free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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