What Would You Do With $5000 A Week For Life?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting sponsored by Publishers Clearing House. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.


On August 29th Publisher’s Clearing House will announce its newest “Forever” prize winner. That lucky person will win $5,000 a week for life and upon their death their designated inheritor will receive $5,000 a week for their life! I haven’t entered a PCH Sweepstakes in a while…until this one, but my mom enters all the time! Why not? I sure could use $5,000 a week heck I’d be happy for $5,000 a month :-) How cool would it be to have the Prize Patrol roll into my neighborhood and present me with a nice big check and some balloons?

All of this big money got me thinking about what if I won? I would name Aaron, my oldest as my inheritor and stipulate in my will that he shares it with his brother, that is the easy part. What would I do with all that money? The dreaming is fun and some of my answers are practical and some are just fun.

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I would…pay my tithe and pay off my debts before I did anything else. Next, I would order my dream cars…a Tesla S for local driving and a Ford Edge Limited for distance driving. I would plan a Disney Cruise for my whole family, I buy into the Disney Vacation Club and become a Disney Premier Passport owner.  After a year of celebrating and traveling I’d buy a house in Celebration, FL so I could be closer to Mickey Mouse and then we would start our new life in a new place. We would find a new home church where we could use our talents to serve the body of Christ and we would travel a few times a year to minister on the road with The 99.

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I wonder what last year’s winner, John Wyllie of White City, Oregon has done with his winnings??

You can’t win this awesome prize if you don’t enter. Click the link at the top of this post and put your name in the hat. August 29th could be your lucky day. I’d love to know what you would do with $5,000 a week for life so leave me a comment and join me in dreaming big!

Special thanks to Publishers Clearing House for sponsoring today’s discussion.


  1. sandra foster says

    Yes, I enter daily!! I would also give my tithe, clean all debts, then see what I could do to help others. Plus celebrate some.

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    I too would pay tithe, Federal and State Taxes, then since the hubs is quite a bit older than I am, we’d have to pay back probably 85 percent of his Social Security. Then we’d start with paying off our debts, but also may help my brother if he asks for some help, since he lost another job because of them moving overseas to not have to deal with Obama Care and other Federal regulations. NAFTA has really hurt my brother. He’s had to get more than one college degree to have work and then those companies end up moving to another country. I’d love to at some point have our home paid off and fixed up. Lots of things need to be fixed. Need to replace the kitchen floor do to a water leak in a pipe that is suppose to be able to hook up to your refrigerator. Don’t have that type of refrigerator. Two times that pipe has ruined our kitchen floor. It’s turned off, but the boom, boom, boom of the military practicing a town away ends up loosening it I think and then it starts leaking. Need to afford a plumber to come and just remove that pipe all the way this time before we start with new flooring and new subflooring. Yet, that takes money. So, it’s all dried out again, but warped numerous places again! Frustrating, but livable for the time. Trying to save a bit here and there. Took us two years to save the first time to get the first damage fixed. Probably will take us longer this time since hubs is on Social Security now and not working. So, if we won I’d make sure hubs understood that this is a priority. There are several other things we need fixed around this place too, but no since spinning my wheels. Things will get done when they can get done, when there is the money. Like they say, ‘No since crying over spilt milk.’ Wouldn’t mind winning. I’ve been entering since 1985. Even my mom entered all the time before she passed away. I know of other family members that have been entering too. I do purchase some of their items, but I know you don’t have to purchase to be able to enter the sweeps and I also know that purchasing doesn’t increase your chances of winning. I know everyone that enters has a chance of winning, whether they’ve only entered once, or they’ve entered thousands and thousands of times. Crossing my fingers, okay not really crossing them, because I wouldn’t be able to type, but hoping.

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