Easy Recipes-Edible Noah’s Ark Craft

I am the director of the Girl’s Clubs at our church and I teach the Stars class which is 3rd-5th graders. During our study on Integrity we talked about the story of Noah. I searched high and low for a Noah themed craft and almost everything I found was geared to pre-schoolers. I finally found an edible craft on kaboose, tweaked it a bit and I thought I’d share it with you.

 Ingredients (this is per child)

1 1/2 small tortillas

2 graham cracker squares

3 pretzel sticks

6 animal crackers in pairs

peanut butter **Allergy Warning** if you have kids with peanut allergies you can use cake frosting instead.


paper plates

sharp knife (for leader)

plastic knives for children

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Finding pairs of animal crackers


  1. Before starting the craft find the pairs of animal crackers, this was the hardest part of the craft and I had 2 teachers working on it while I did the rest of the craft with the girls.
  2. Cut all of the tortilla shells in half, every child gets 3 halves.

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    Our arks in progress


  1. Lay one tortilla on the bottom center of your plate.
  2. Lay the other two tortillas on top of the first one, keeping the straight edge even, making the shape of a boat.
  3. Break the graham cracker squares into rectangles.
  4. Place two graham cracker pieces at the top of the two top tortillas, centered. Place a third graham cracker piece centered on top of the first two. Eat the fourth graham cracker piece. :-)
  5. Line up the two pretzel sticks in a triangular position on top as the roof.
  6. Break the remaining pretzel sticks in half make one half a little longer than the other.
  7. Place two broken pretzel pieces on top of the top graham cracker, the larger piece first, then the smaller piece on top. (inside the pretzel stick triangle you already made)
  8. Position animal crackers in pairs around the tops of the tortillas.
  9. When you have everything where you want it, use a plastic butter knife and peanut butter to glue everything together.

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    Edible Noah’s Ark Craft

Once the craft is finished you can save it for snack time or take it home.
The girls had a blast making the ark. I actually did it with 3 classes of girls in grades K-5 and they all followed directions well and enjoyed eating their creations.


  1. says

    What a great way to make a snack out of a craft! I happened upon this blog post at the perfect time, too—I\’m planning on teaching the story of Noah next week and have been trying to come up with a themed snack that I can serve my students. This is just the thing I needed! Thank you for taking the time to share this creative craft/snack.

  2. Wanda says

    This is wonderful! I think the best way to make kids learn something is by involving them and if they get a prize at the end, PERFECT! Thanks for sharing the great idea.

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