Mouse House Memories-Once Upon a Toy

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August 2002

I can’t believe this picture was taken 10 summers ago!

A visit to Downtown Disney isn’t complete without spending time at Once Upon a Toy. Even now, at 16 and 19 my boys still love to stop in and make a Mr Potato Head or check out the latest Disney video games. Back in the day, our favorite thing to see was the toy monorail display. The boys each have a monorail set so they always enjoyed looking to see what new accessories were available.

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  1. Angry Birds says

    You’re talking about teens. I’m 29 and even now I love to these things as much as I loved them when I was younger. I hope my toddler has the same interest.

  2. Laura says

    I’m pretty sure toodler will love this kind of toys..When I was young also I’d love to play it..

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