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Follow Me on Pinterest The other day I told you about my crock pot queso dip. The problem with making a dip like that is the clean up. We all know that burned on cheese is very difficult to clean up. When we made it for the Super Bowl Aaron rinsed the crock pot out, filled it with warm, soapy water and let it sit over night. The next morning he scrubbed what he could and then soaked it again all day and finished scrubbing it that night. This kind of cleaning makes me think twice about making a recipe.

Follow Me on Pinterest Since everyone loved the dip, we decided to make it again last weekend and quickly Aaron complained that he was not going to clean the crock pot this time. I told him he was going to clean it but this time he was going to use one of the new Dawn Power Clean products. I told him he had to be the one to clean so that I could get his true reaction and comparison between our regular Dawn and Dawn Power Clean.

From Dawn:

Ditch the stench of overnight sink water and the pain of scrubbing away stubborn, leftover food with these new products so you can focus on the field:

  • Dawn Power Clean Dishwashing Liquid – Discover DAWN’S BEST CLEAN with micro-scrubbing enzymes that power through food messes with ease, from everyday grease to tough lasagna dishes!
  • Dawn Bleach Alternative Dishwashing Liquid – Discover a complete clean that’s gentle on your hands as this powerful formula penetrates food messes and rinses away safely for a quick and easy clean.
  • Dawn OXI Dishwashing Liquid – Features active oxides that release micro-bubbles to target and dissolve the toughest food messes for a total clean.

Aaron decided to try the Dawn OXI Dishwashing Liquid to clean the baked on cheese dip. Here is his photo essay…

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This is what the crock pot looked like when we were done eating.

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I added Dawn OXI and warm water and let it soak for 5 minutes

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This is what it looked like when I dumped the soapy water out.

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This is how clean it was after wiping...not scrubbing with a sponge.

Aaron and I were amazed at how easy clean up was with the new Dawn Power Clean products. I have always been a Dawn user and I am now totally in love with the new products, they make cleaning my dishes and pans much easier.

Have you tried the new Dawn products yet? Will you? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Disclosure: I received all of the Dawn products featured in the photo above. I have shared the small sample size packets with local moms. All opinions are 100% those of my family.


  1. Carolyn says

    i llove this stuff!!! Maybe I’ll start back cooking again lol …. It works very well it’s good to finally get a product that does what is say’s it will do. Thank dawn and my husband thanks you too I’m cooking again Apple Bee’s hate you now!

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