Something I Never Thought I’d Find in My Boys’ Room

a mom blog communityDay 9 of the Blog Dare-I never thought I’d find this in my child’s room…this is a tough one for me because I’ve never found anything interesting in there since it is such a mess I avoid entering at all costs.

Let me start by saying we have been in our small house for 20 years. For their entire lives my boys have shares a 10×10 room with a small closet. The room worked ok with 2 toddler beds and even with 1 toddler bed and one twin bed but when we went to 2 twin beds there was just no room to play. I had suggested bunk beds to my husband for years but he was very anti-bunk bed. Most of the ones we found in stores seemed too flimsy and didn’t seem safe enough for my 2 little monsters. We put off getting bunk beds for two years because my husband was so against them.

Then one day in the spring of 2004, the boys were 11 and 8 at the time, I found free plans for bunk beds online. The sure seemed sturdy enough so I downloaded them and showed them to my husband. The boys went away for a weekend camping trip with Royal Rangers in April of ’04 and we did a “While You Were Out” makeover on their room. We painted the walls and built bunk beds out of pressure treated 4x4s and 3/4″ plywood. It was a lot of work but the room came out great.
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The boys loved their new room and especially the bunk beds. Unfortunately, it is now 2012 and the boys are 18 and 16 and still sharing those bunk beds. The worst part of it is that my 16yo is the tallest and biggest of the boys and he is still on the top bunk. The positive is we built some sturdy beds and they can hold the weight of two teenage boys.

I never thought I’d find bunk beds in my boys’ room. What have you found in your child’s room that you didn’t expect to find?


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