SAFESKIN Kid’s Sports Wrap-Review

Follow Me on Pinterest A new product may help take the sting out of sports-related injuries by making the healing process a lot more colorful. SAFESKIN Kids Sport Wrap from Kimberly-Clark Professional is the first colored sport wrap created specifically for children and teens. It comes in four bright colors – blue, red, green and yellow – and is ideal for securing bandages and splints and cushioning or supporting wounds. With an estimated 38 million children and teens participating in youth sports activities each year, accidents are bound to happen. And when they do, kids have had to wear old-fashioned white or tan-colored wraps to cushion wounds or support strains, sprains or splints. Not anymore.

“More than 3.5 million kids under age 14 receive medical treatment for sports-related injuries each year, with strains and sprains being among the most common complaints,” said Jamie Britton, marketing leader for the Kimberly-Clark Home Professional Business. “When this happens, we think kids should have superior support to get back in the game, as well as the opportunity for self-expression. They shouldn’t have to wear the same dull sports wraps as adults.”

  • In addition to these benefits, SAFESKIN Kids Sport Wrap is: Self-adhesive and reusable – with no clips or pins needed to secure the wrap into place.
  • Soft, cushiony and comfortable against the skin.
  •  Water-resistant.
  •  Latex-free.
Where was SAFESKIN this summer when I was hunting all over for a wrap for Aaron’s hand. One Wednesday night Aaron was helping cut down cardboard boxes at church with a friend. Aaron turned and sliced his right wrist on his friend’s knife. I was in the other building setting up for my Wednesday night class when Aaron called me to tell me he had accidentally slit his wrist and he thinks he needs stitches. When I arrive at his building one of the leaders has already done a great job of wrapping his wrist with gauze and plastic wrap-so I don’t get to see the actual cut. Everyone who saw it agreed that it would need stitches so I called my husband to take Aaron to the walk-in clinic. When all was said and done Aaron didn’t get stitches, they glued his skin back together! They put some gauze on it and wrapped it in a bandage and told him to keep it immobile for 2 weeks and dry for at least 3 weeks! You try and keep an 18yo right-handed drummer’s wrist immobile for 2 weeks-it was tough. By the end of week one the bandage the doctor gave us was filthy. I looked all over for another bandage, that didn’t require clips or pins to take its place but I had no luck. He wore that original dirty bandage for 3 weeks!
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The cut right after gluing

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Wrapped with SAFESKIN

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The scar 4 months later

SAFESKIN Kids Sport Wrap is currently available at Walmart locations nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.94. It will be available at other retail locations in early 2012. For more information, visit

Disclosure: I received a package of SAFESKIN for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% mine.


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    i love how calm you are in the face of hearing your son tell you he cut his wrist! Blood freaks me out!!!

    my daughter’s in sports so we go through alot of wrap also. if the makers of these products are listening, PLEASE MAKE SOME IN ATTRACTIVE FEMININE COLORS!!!
    pammypam recently posted..Thanksgiving for the Little OnesMy Profile

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    In general, Kids have very smooth skin. We have to take care of their skin and protect. Nowadays maximum children and teens are playing outdoor sports. Here you shared a good information which is useful and helpful to protect our children skin. Thanks for sharing and keep up blogging.

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