Summer Vacation is Winding Down-Stay Sharp with Mentor Interactive

Mentor Interactive offers the perfect alternative to mind-numbing video games with a slate of thinkSMART games for Nintendo DS & Wii that are designed to keep students thinking, even during summer vacation.

thinkSMART software is developed to enhance and encourage reading skills, critical thinking & logical problem-solving, and do so in a fun creative way.

Follow Me on Pinterest Crazy Machines (DS & Wii): Think outside of the box and push the boundaries of creative thinking as you utilize random objects (anvil, rolling spheres and more!) to build a variety of increasingly complex contraptions that cause chain reactions. Big picture thinking, big fun and big points await in the construction of Crazy Machines!


Follow Me on Pinterest Labyrinth (DS): Based on the popular board game, Labyrinth drops players in a series of mazes where logical thinking and problem solving skills are the only way out.  Move the walls with the stylus and discover all your treasures in the labyrinth before your opponents do!




Follow Me on Pinterest Scotland Yard: The Hunt for Mr. X (DS): The chase is a-foot! Scotland Yard is searching for Mister X in London, New York, Berlin, Paris & Amsterdam.  Deductive thinking and procedural logic are key as players aid the famous detectives in the capture of the elusive Mr. X.
I gave all 3 games to my 16 year old son for him to play and review for me, here is what he had to say.

The two DS games I tested (Labyrinth and Scotland Yard) were really lacking on instructions. They basically tell you the story of the game and then tell you to play without telling you what to do. After I figured out how to play the games they were both a lot of fun and highly addicting!  They are themed for a little younger kids, probably between the ages of 8-12. They both take alot of thinking and stratagy. The Wii game (Crazy Machines) was a lot of fun as I do enjoy making and watching Rube Goldberg Machines. This one is also themed for a younger audience than myself, and it’s pretty tricky! Even I got stuck on some levels. There were a few minor glitches in the game. I did have to exit and restart the game after it randomly froze on me.

All in all the games were fun but not very intuitive. They could all use more instruction at the beginning of the game.


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