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A lot of my life has been lived poolside. From my first swim lessons at New England Divers, to the YMCA Synchronized Swim Team, to lifeguard and swimming instructor whether we lived in Massachusetts or Florida, there has always been a pool nearby. I have seen lots of pool products come and go…not to mention swimsuit styles <g>. The Kooli is one of the simplest and coolest I have seen.

Have you ever been sitting on the edge of the pool dangling your feet in the water and then when you try to move your swimsuit snags on the rough surface surrounding the pool? I have and it can be embarrassing as well as costly. With a Kooli you can protect your swimsuit from this kind of damage, and with the cost of a decent suit nowadays we need to make them last as long as possible.

kooli Follow Me on Pinterest Kooli is a circular-shaped stylishly cushioned mat that solves two common poolside challenges-it keeps swimsuits from snagging and buns from burning on hot poolside surfaces. Made of Neoprene (the lightweight, flexible material used to make wetsuits) and featuring a soft nylon fabric surface, Kooli is waterproof, slip-proof, washable and resistant to chlorine. Weighing just a couple of ounces, Kooli is easy to carry around and can be rolled-up and put into a beach bag, purse or backpack.

I brought my Koolis to my mom’s pool, since we don’t have a pool, and it has been a big hit! My sister, who is currently putting in a pool at her house, already told me she wants some blue ones for Christmas! They would also be great for kids to sit on at the beach while playing in the sand.

Kooli is offering readers of  TheMomMaven a $2.00 discount on their order by using code cschultzkan when placing an order at Kooli.com. You can also follow @KooliPoolside on Twitter and Facebook.


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