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Over the years I have used all sorts of chore charts and incentive charts with my kids. Never did we use an online chart but in this day and age it would probably work pretty well. GoalForIt.com is a FREE online community where you can organize all of your goal lists, behavior charts, chore charts and to-do lists.

My kids no longer have chore charts, they know what needs to be done…and they do it (usually) :-)! I’m sure my boys would have responded well to the GoalForIt chore chart because they can be customized with graphics that they like ie. race cars or sports themes. The charts can be used online and off because each chart is printable. Another cool feature is the email reminders. You can set an email reminder to be sent to remind your child to check their chart. You can also assign points to each activity or behavior and if you succeed at completing that goal for the day you put a star or check mark on your chart and earn the points for that activity. Your child can bank their points and use them towards rewards you set up.

If I were to use this for my kids I would set up the chart and rewards online and then print the chart and hang it on my son’s bedroom door as a reminder of what needs to be done. I would have the system send him a reminder email at 4:00pm to remind him to check in on the site and update his chart. This puts him in charge of his responsibilities and instead of me nagging him, he gets an email reminder instead.

I decided to set up a goal chart for myself to help me reach some healthy living goals I have set for myself. Here is my chart:  Follow Me on Pinterest
As you can see I haven’t done a great job this week but I will keep moving forward!

If you are looking for FREE chore charts and behavioral charts I recommend you check out what GoalForIt.com has to offer.

Disclosure: I wrote this review through a partnership with MomSelect. I am being compensated for this review all opinions are 100% mine.


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