The 5 Second Rule

You know you’ve done it…dropped food on the floor then picked it up and ate it claiming the 5 second rule was in effect so it was safe to eat. I have even heard that if we eat food that has fallen on the floor it helps boost our immune system. We’ve all used the 5 second rule but that doesn’t make it right. In a study funded by Clorox and conducted by San Diego State University they found that germs stuck to items within 5 seconds.

In the study they dropped baby carrots onto a variety of surfaces including a counter top, tile floor, carpeted floor and a table. In each case, germs attached to the clean carrot in 5 seconds. The most germs were found on the carrots dropped on the counter, then the carpet and third was the tile floor. How often do you eat off of your counter? Ewwww. Next they tested a wet sippy cup by dropping it on a highchair tray, counter, tile floor and carpeted floor. Again germs attached from all surfaces within 5 seconds but this time the one on the highchair tray had the most germs! That is what young children eat off the most.

I had the privilege to sit in on a call with actress/comedienne Samantha Bee from the Daily Show. Samantha is a busy mom of two young children and she, like most of us used the 5 second rule with her kids. She said when she learned that it was a myth she turned to to learn what simple steps she can take to make her home healthier. Here is one tip she learned: To disinfect countertops, highchairs, sinks, refrigerator handles and faucets:Mix ¾ cup of Clorox® Regular-Bleach in 1 gallon of water. Wipe pre-washed item and let stand 5 minutes; rinse and air dry. How easy is that?

None of us have time to be sick or for our kids to be sick so we need to keep our homes clean and disinfected. There are several simple things you can do to get started at I also want to help you keep your home healthier so I am giving away a Clorox gift pack valued at $20!
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Share a 5 second rule story from your family-Clorox may just use it on their Facebook page. IF you don’t have a funny story tell me what is the most common item eaten while invoking the 5 second rule in your house.

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  1. karen M says

    A Cookie is about the only thing I will allow for a 5 second rule! and that is pretty rare. It depends on where it landed, if on the couch I am okay with it, but if the floor or in the car, anywhere in the bathroom it is a big No.

  2. karen M says

    can you delete one of the entry above for FEB 4, my connect is soo slow today and I refreshed and have a duplicate entry


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